Young People

MeeMee Theatre: Young Peoples Programmes

MeeMee Theatre's young peoples programmes, offer unique practical workshops and projects in theatre and music by creating a total theatre experience. Through these workshops and projects we help young people to grow in confidence, learn new skills, nurture hidden talents and, develop their social and interactive skills. We encourage young people to take a creative journey individually, but also interact positively as part of a group.      

Our Approach:

MeeMee Theatre's workshops and projects for young people are part of our Worlds of Curiosity and Play, which is a travelling visual world of masks, costume, puppets, unusual instruments and, unique objects from around the world.

By transforming spaces into playful, immersive and, safe environments young people take a journey of curiosity where everyone is encouraged to play, discover, and investigate a space of little hidden gems to stimulate the imagination. MeeMee Theatre's practitioners use the shared experience of curiosity to take participants on journeys in creation, collaboration and, play.

Our Young Peoples Practitioners:

Pady O' Connor (Artistic Director of MeeMee Theatre)

Pady has over twenty years experience in developing and delivering workshops, projects,  and mentoring programmes all over the world with young people of all abilities. He works with the finest musicians, makers, photographers, and film makers, to  deliver exciting high quality workshops that will leave young people with inspirational experiences and skills for the future.

Get in Touch:

If you are interested in a workshop or want to discuss a project idea, or to find out more information about our Young Peoples Programmes and Worlds of Curiosity and Play, please contact: Pady O'Connor, email: