Worlds of Curiosity and Play

Worlds of Curiosity and Play

MeeMee Theatre creates a travelling visual world in Worlds of Curiosity and Play transforming spaces and creating safe environments where people can take exciting journeys of discovery, play, creativity and, connection.     

“I loved dressing up and having a play, and just letting go. I think what I’ve enjoyed most is just finding my inner child without being judged or told to grow up! I’ve felt as though I can just be myself.”

– Participant in Worlds of Curiosity and Play

Enter a magical visual world of wonder in Worlds of Curiosity and Play where MeeMee Theatre combines theatre, music and, making, to nurture and encourage people to take exciting creative journeys, both individually and collectively, to develop confidence, communication and, creativity.

Suitcases bursting with masks, unique objects, instruments, costumes and, stories, create exciting and engaging spaces which invite people to explore, in a positive and supportive environment, new areas of themselves, others and, the world around them, through physical games and exercises.

MeeMee Theatre has delivered Worlds of Curiosity and Play to groups and audiences that include: youth theatre companies, educational establishments, professionals, and students, alongside groups with learning disabilities, autism and, additional needs.

The work created by MeeMee Theatre in Worlds of Curiosity and Play is a journey of discoveries, possibilities, and enormous fun, which leaves people with a lifelong enthusiasm for creativity. 

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