Project A, Theatre Royal

Project A, Theatre Royal

MeeMee Theatre has had the wonderful opportunity over a number of years to run a five day week-long masterclass as apart of Project A at the Theatre Royal. Project A is a one year actor training programme for student between 18 -25 and is delivered from within Newcastle Theatre Royal. To find out more click here:

All sessions are run by our Artistic Director Pady O'Connor and they take the students through some of the core elements and philosophies of MeeMee Theatre. 

We always look forward to the beautiful collective journey of discovery, play and creativity with each new group of students.

Quotes from the Project A students:

“It was not what I expected at all. I wasn’t expecting to feel so comfortable with all the different exercises…The masks were gorgeous and so detailed. Just watching everyone taking on the persona of their own little character was lovely. I loved the openness of your style of teaching…”

“I have taken numerous things from this week down to the complicite and play within games and connecting with people. And importantly the commedia work allowing me to get an important understanding of rhythm and spontaneity. The exercises have also allowed me to react impulsively and be in a state of vulnerability. They are all elements that I will adopt and use within my future work.”

“The fact we have had the freedom to just play and let go is something I absolutely love. It has been great to see the whole group connect and just have fun!