Phileas P Souper Tour

Phileas P Souper MeeMee Theatre and Uberloon

"Phileas P. Souper is a must see performance full of wit energy and technical skill."

"The stage was transformed into an emporium of exotic instruments, maimbas, banjos and washboards to name but a few, and the interplay between the musicians and actors is a treat to behold, the simple structure of mimed sketches accompanied by dynamic multi-intrumentalists creates the atmosphere of the various locations brilliantly.

"Wonderful, Madcap, Quirky simply the best nights entertainment ive had in ages."

From a Tandem bike through Paris to a flying bed in cairo, join Phileas and his brother as they battle the elements animals and bicycle pumps in a circumnavigation of the globe, Charlie Chaplin meets Spike Jones City Slickers in a show full of joy, Drama and Musical adventure.

"Pure theatre, The music was magical."

Phileas P Souper was a collaboration between MeeMee Theatre and musical collective Uberloon, Phileas toured nationally to festivals, theatres, Arts centres, Rural touring. Its universal themes, skilled routines and incredible music appealed to audiences of all ages.

Phileas was kindly supported by the Arts Council England on returning to Newcastle Upon Tyne it had three sell out shows at Northern stage.

"A real inspiration seamless and beautiful."