A place to find out more about what MeeMee Theatre as been getting up to and what we're currently working on.  

  • Clown, Commedia and Mask at Northern Stage, 2018

    Excited to announce that our Artistic Director Pady will be running a series of masterclasses in Clown, Commedia dell'Arte and, Mask as part of Northern Stage's NORTH actor training programme from February to April 2018. To find out more have a look here:
  • Newcastle Theatre Royal's Project A, February 2018

    MeeMee Theatre has excitingly been invited back to run a series of five masterclasses as part of the Theatre Royal's Project A. All sessions are run by our Artistic Director Pady O'Connor and they take the students through some of the core elements and philosophies of MeeMee Theatre. It will be the third time that we've been involved in the project and we are very much looking forward to working with the new group! To see some images of the previous masterclasses MeeMee has done with Project A groups checkout our project pages. Project A is a one year actor training programme for student between 18 -25 and is delivered from within Newcastle Theatre Royal. To find out more click here:
  • CatyWompus, February 2018

    As part of TIN Arts Flex Dance our Artistic Director Pady O'Connor will be appearing in CatyWompus on Saturday 10th February at Dance City. You can find out and see more here:
  • Exploring in Devising Theatre with David Glass, January 2018

    Our Artistic Director Pady has recently been training with David Glass in London as part of the London Mime Festival. He had an incredibly inspiring time playing, listening and, sharing as part of the two-day intensive course exploring the philosophies and practices of David Glass. Pady has brought back an amazing array of tools to employ in MeeMee's theatrical work, projects and, masterclasses.
  • The Crochet Brothers: Sunderland Stages

    MeeMee Theatre presents the bomfuzzling world of the “Crochet Brothers” a playful, musical travelling theatre piece led by the storytelling clown duo of L. Prang and Boston. The Crochet Brothers are for anybody from one to one hundred with a playful spirit, and combines magical musical instruments, clown, Commedia dell’Arte and, traditional travelling storytelling. Recently seen at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens in their Half Term Curiosities on 25th October 2017, keep an artful eye-out for them popping up here, there and, everywhere in their timeless travelling machine filled with wonder and delights...and a llama!
  • Worlds of Curiosity and Play with After Adoption, 2017

    MeeMee Theatre has brought the travelling visual world of wonder that is Worlds of Curiosity and Play to After Adoption for the fourth year. Working with the brilliant young people we take them through journeys of discovery using theatre, music and making. Please visit our Worlds of Curiosity and Play page to find out more about it.
  • Sunderland University Talks and Training, October 2017

    At the end of October our Artistic Director led two days of talks and training with students at Sunderland University, looking at how theatre, health and wellbeing are interlinked, MeeMee Theatre's philosophies and practices, alongside training in Clown and Mask.
  • Bringing MeeMee Theatre's worlds to Beacon Hill Arts, October 2017

    Our Worlds of Curiosity and Play visited the Viewfinder group at Beacon Hill Arts, a film company that works with young people with learning difficulties, autism and additional needs. As part of the session the group took a journey through mask, clown and, physical/visual theatre, to explore different ways of creating, visualising and telling stories and characters. A lot of fun was had!
  • IncludFEST Tees Valley, July 2017

    Heavy rain could not stop MeeMee Theatre bringing Worlds of Curiosity and Play to IncludFEST Tees Valley. Tucked away inside a tent of wonder, people were asked to peak behind the red curtain and enter a magical visual world of masks, unique objects, costumes, music, stories and, performance to take exciting journeys of fun, curiosity and, play.
  • Patch Adams and the "Living a Life of Joy" Conference, April 2017

    Our Artistic Director, Pady was invited to talk at the UnitedMinds ‘Living a Life of Joy’ Conference in London, speaking alongside Patch Adams. It was an amazing opportunity to present the unique philosophies of MeeMee Theatre that have developed over many years, focusing on creating visual, physical and, playful worlds of theatre, that connect with people of all ages and abilities. Pady also shared his journey as a Clown Doctor and the wonderful connections made over ten years, alongside looking at the beauty of the Clown and the powerful symbol of the red nose and how it’s been a huge part of his life. Pady will be appearing (and speaking) at the next United Minds Conference "The Playing Human" in 2018. We'll be posting more about it closer to the event but if you want to find out more have a look at their website here:
  • Leaving Lawnmowers, December 2016

    After over eight years working as Artistic Director of the Fool Ensemble at Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company, Pady O’Connor left with the fondest of memories to continue building and developing MeeMee Theatre’s projects and theatre shows.