The Fool Ensemble

The Fool Ensemble

"The actors were brilliantly selected, trained and directed. I’m very intrigued by your work; its quality goes beyond being something worthy and 'for the good of others' and becomes something fantastic because you wouldn’t get that quality from people without those disabilities. The 'disabilities'/'difficulties' become abilities special gifts"

- John Retallack, Company of Angels

The “Fool Ensemble" was a physical theatre project artistically led by Pady O’Connor in collaboration with Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company which ran for eight years.

As Artistic Director Pady shared his unique style, enabling people with disabilites to challenge themselves and have a stronger voice within the creation of physical and visual theatre.

The "Fool Ensemble" performed their work in Ireland, France, The Sage Gateshead, Live theatre, and the South Bank Centre London, as part of Unlimited celebrating diversity within theatre, to name a few places where the work was showcased.

The Fool Ensemble created fantastical worlds, exploring universal themes such as love, death, and relationships using full Character Mask, Commedia dell’Arte, Clown and physical theatre as a starting point. The Fool Ensemble's work took the audience on a wonderful journey through their often comical thoughtful observations of life.

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