About MeeMee Theatre

About MeeMee Theatre:

MeeMee Theatre company based in the North East of England. It is artistically led by Pady O'Connor, an actor, director and, international teacher of theatre.
An evolving company of collaborators creating visually playful, ambitious theatre, workshops and training, we create supportive environments where people can take exciting journeys of discovery, play, creativity and, connection. 

Our Approach: 

By transforming spaces using visual theatre, mask, clown, costume, puppetry, making, MeeMee Theatre creates beautiful visual participatory worlds using unusual items collected from around the world.
These travelling visual participatory worlds, workshops, residencies and, training, encourage feelings of wellbeing and happiness allowing people the freedom and confidence to embark upon creative journeys to make positive change in their lives.
MeeMee Theatre's Creative Programmes: 
MeeMee Theatre is passionate about creating opportunities for people of all ages with mixed abilities, including people with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs. Our workshops, residencies and masterclasses, allow people to learn and immerse themselves in MeeMee Theatre's unique style, approach, and philosophies by delivering imaginative worlds of curiosity and play.