Crochet Brothers

MeeMee Theatre presents “The Crochet Brothers”

Enter into the bomfuzzling world of the Crochet Brothers, a travelling playful musical pair of storytellers. Meet them on their many journeys from here to there, listen to the songs that emerge or a tale or two about their lives and, how their crochet beards appeared. Visit their timeless travelling machine filled with wonder and delights, and climb further into the minds of this nomadic pair. The Crochet Brothers are for anybody from one to one hundred with a playful spirit, and combines magical instruments, clown, Commedia dell’Arte and, traditional travelling storytelling.

“I would choose the Crochet Brothers as my luxury item if I was on a desert island they just made me feel so happy” - Boiler Shop, Newcastle

"The Crochet Brothers were so magical and hilarious, even though my children have now grown up, my family still talks about them to this day, they left us with long lasting beautiful memories” - Whitley Bay Festival/Carnival